Storage Barns 

Payment Options



90 days

same as cash 


You Design. We Build.

Make it your own. Choose all of the additional options to maximize your investment. 

We Offer Rent-To-Own

You make monthly payments on your purchase for a period of 2-3 years. After paying the purchase off, you own it. No credit check required. 

The WorkShop: 


-7' Sidewall 

-72" Double Door 

-A-Frame Roof 

-5/12 Pitch Roof 

*Doors on side or front.

-Stained Siding 

The Big Barn: 


-6' Sidewall 

-Double Door 

-Gambrel Roof  

-72" Double Door 

*Doors on side or front 

-Stained siding 

The Mini Barn: 


-4' Sidewall 

-Double Door 

-Gambrel Roof 

*8' wide have 52" double doors. All others have 72" double doors. 

-Stained L-P 

Door Options: 

  1.  extra 3' wooden door 
  2.  extra 6' double wooden door 
  3.  crossbucks for wooden doors 
  4.  pre-hung steel door 
  5.  9' x 6' 9" overhead door 
  6.  composite slab door 

Window Options: 

  1.  24"x36" 
  2.  14"x21" 
  3.  24" sunburst 
  4.  10"x18" transon 
  5.  insulated 24"x36" 
  6.  insulated 36"x40" 

Vent Options: 

  1.   ridge vent 
  2.   gable vents are standard 

Loft Options: 

  1.  lofts 
  2.  shelves 

Floor Options: 

  1.  3/4" treated plywood floor 
  2.  1 1/2" treated pine floor

Cupalo Options: 

  1.  Cupalo 

Sky Light Options: 

  1.  ridgelite (4 ft minimum) 

Roofing Options: 

  1.  metal roof 
  2.  tar paper 

Ramp Options: 

  1.  4' treated ramp 
  2.  5' treated ramp 
  3.  6' treated ramp 
  4.  10' treated ramp 

Porch Options: 

  1.  4' porch (T-G tr. Floor) 

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Phone: (440)-935-4984 


January Promotion: 

For the month of January, when you purchase a storage barn along with the contract signed by January 31st, you get $100 off your purchase, courteousy of Rt. 58 Custom Built Storage Barns. 

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